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What do I do if my house has subsidence?

If you think your house may have subsidence, don't panic. Your home is very unlikely to fall down, and as long as you have insurance, you're not going to become destitute.

The first thing you should do is carefully check your insurance policy. Your buildings insurance will cover subsidence, although the extent of the cover will vary. The majority of policies contain a subsidence excess of £1,000, and some exclude damage to garden walls, swimming pools and driveways.

Contact your insurer and they will quickly send an assessor to check the damage. The insurer may then arrange for a structural engineer and other specialists to investigate.

This process may take some time, and you may find your home surrounded by deep holes as the experts attempt to locate the problem.

Even once the cause of the subsidence is identified, don't expect a speedy solution. Your insurers may want to monitor the problem over a period of time before deciding on a plan of action.

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Dealing with subsidence in your house

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