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4. Rose black spot

This fungal disease can be identified by the black areas it causes on leaves. Th leaves will then turn a grey/yellow colour and fall off. It can effect almost any of the many varieties of roses. If you notice black spots appearing you should remove the infected area of the plant immediately and begin a fungicide treatment plan.

5. Grey mould

This grey fungus will attack most plants, particularly those which have been damaged. All you can do to treat this disease is remove the effected areas and thoroughly apply a fungicide.

6. Downy mildew

This causes leaves to turn yellow and develop fungus on the underside. It effects a huge variety of plants, particularly those which have yet to mature. You should remove any infected leaves as soon as you spot them and treat the plant with a good fungicide.

7. Canker

This disease effects the bark of fruit trees patricianly apple, pear and plum. It causes the bark to crack and protrude which prevents water from moving along the branch. If your tree develops canker you should remove all the branches where the disease has appeared. If this isn't possible the only alternative is to seal the canker spots to prevent further infection.

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