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How much does it cost to convert a barn into a home?

The cost of converting a barn obviously depends on the size, design and location of the project. The bigger the barn the more it costs to convert. The better the area, the more the barn costs to purchase.

Very few barns can be converted with a moderate budget. The majority of barns are old, timber-framed and neglected, and therefore require a tremendous amount of work to make them habitable.

The restrictions and regulations of local planners will also dramatically increase the costs. You must repair and restore the barn sympathetically without unduly effecting the integrity of the building. Sympathetic building work costs money and takes time, which costs even more money.

There are also many other extra costs that you may be faced with. For example many barns are not connected to gas, water, electricity and sewage systems. This can be very expensive to address.

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The costs of converting a barn

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