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Is it safe to travel to Tunisia for IVF treatment, plastic surgery or any other medical procedure?

Bordering Asia and Europe, Turkey is a fascinating country to visit on holiday. But it's also now a terrific choice for having medical treatment abroad.

Turkey has an increasing number of first class clinics, hospitals, doctors and surgeons carrying out a range of procedures from fertility treatment to laser eye correction. And when this quality comes at some of the lowest prices in Europe, it's easy to see why Turkey is proving so popular with Brits looking to save money on healthcare.

Private medical treatment prices in Turkey are approximately 35% lower than those found in the UK. For example, rhinoplasty costs in the region of £2,000 in Turkey, whereas you would pay at least double this amount for the same procedure in the United Kingdom.

Turkey has first class clinics and hospitals offering a wide range of medical treatment. However, there are many clinics you would be well-advised to avoid. Inexperienced surgeons can be found in most countries, and Turkey is no exception. It's paramount to choose a well-established clinic or hospital with a proven track record in performing the type of procedure you need.

It can be tempting to choose the cheapest clinic to benefit fully from the cheap prices available in Turkey. But the few hundred pounds you may save isn't worth the additional risk that you will no doubt be exposed to.

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