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Is it safe to travel to Tunisia for IVF treatment, plastic surgery or any other medical procedure?

The country of Tunisia may lie on the Africa continent but it's a mere two and a half hour flight from the UK. As well as a booming tourist destination, Tunisia has become a popular choice for medical tourism.

From laser eye correction to obesity surgery, Tunisia can cater for all your healthcare needs. And with beautiful landscape and a fascinating culture, it's a terrific choice for combining a holiday with receiving medial treatment.

Private healthcare prices in Tunisia are amongst the cheapest you will find anywhere in the world. Prices can be up to 60% less than those found in the UK. For example, rhinoplasty in a private UK clinic costs at least £4,000. You will be less than half that amount for the same procedure in Tunisia.

General health standards in Tunisia are very good with many doctors choosing to train in UK, USA or France. All medical institutions are monitored by the Ministry of Health, and all surgeons must be members of the Tunisian Medical Council.

However, inferior clinics and surgeons can slip through even the tightest of nets. If you are considering medical treatment in Tunisia, you are strongly recommended to use one of the more established clinics. Don't be tempted by the lowest price deals. The quality of the clinics and the surgeon should always take precedence over the cost of the treatment.

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