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Is medical tourism to Spain for plastic surgery or obesity treatment a good idea?

Spain has long been a favourite holiday destination for Brits looking to relax in the sun. In recent years, it's also become a popular destination for having medical treatment abroad.

From fertility treatment and plastic surgery to obesity treatment and laser eye surgery, Spain offers a number of first class clinics and surgeons. Standards of care are generally high, although you must choose a clinic carefully. Inferior surgeons and clinics can be found in Spain so do your homework and always choose a well regarded specialist.

The advantages of travelling to Spain for medical treatment are cost and location. Prices of private health procedures in Spain are 15% to 25% lower than those in the UK. For example, a nose job in Spain costs approximately £3,000, whereas in the UK prices are typically nearer £4,000.

The benefit of location lies in the fact that you can combine medical treatment with a nice, little holiday in the sun. In some instances, a relaxing week by the pool is the ideal recovery period following a surgical procedure.

The Spanish authorities monitor and oversee the private medical industry, and help maintain high standards of care and treatment. As long as you choose a well-respected clinic, the risks of medical procedures in Spain are not significantly higher than those associated with UK treatment.

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