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Is there a greater risk of complications when having medical treatment abroad?

All forms of surgery carry some degree of risk. Whether it's laser eye correction, weight loss treatment or a face lift, things can go badly wrong.

Medical tourism has gained something of a reputation for being high risk. There have been dozens of stories in the press about UK women receiving inferior treatment abroad. While this is undeniably true, it should be pointed out that many of these horror stories involve poor clinics and inexperienced surgeons. Every country has it's share of inferior health providers. If you decide to use one of them, the risk of something going wrong during or after your procedure will be greater.

However, complications can arise even in the hands of the world's finest surgeons. Medical procedures are not an exact science. The human body is an incredibly complex organism. Sometimes the patient can have an unforeseen reaction to the treatment. It's not anyone's fault, it's simply the risk you take when you climb onto an operating table.

The key to reducing the risk of having treatment abroad, is to choose an experienced surgeon or practitioner at a well established clinic. Using an inferior clinic just to save a few hundred pounds, could end up being the biggest mistake of your life.

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