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Can obesity treatment overseas in Europe, Asia or South America save me money?

Weight loss surgery is one of the fastest growing medical procedures both in the UK and around the world. As more of us become morbidly obese, the demand for obesity surgery continues to increase.

Unfortunately, weight loss treatment in the UK isn't cheap. Whether you want a gastric band or gastric bypass, don't expect much change from £10,000. Such procedures may be available on the NHS but for most people the private sector is the only option.

Weight loss surgery is considerably cheaper abroad. Savings of over 50% are not uncommon in Asia and South America. Even in Europe, prices are approximately 30% cheaper than those found in the UK

However, these low prices must be balanced with the possible increased risk of having medical treatment abroad. Many countries boast clinics, surgeons and hospitals of an equal standard to those found in the UK.

But few counties are as tightly regulated as the UK, meaning there is a greater chance of falling into the hands of an inexperienced surgeon. Weight loss surgery is a major undertaking involving complex medical procedures. When something goes wrong, it can have a significant impact on your life.

If you are considering obesity treatment abroad, choose your clinic wisely. It's well worth paying an extra few pounds for an experienced surgeon at a well established practice. Remember, losing weight isn't worth dying for.

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