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How much are typical prices of private health treatment in Mexico?

Due to it's close proximity to the US, Mexico has for many years been a popular medical tourism destination. But now more and more Brits are flying across the Atlantic for laser eye correction, weight loss treatment, and plastic surgery.

Why is Mexico so popular for private health care? The one big reason is price. Private medical treatment in Mexico is considerably cheaper than what in the UK or the US. Savings of up to 50% are not uncommon in Central America.

For example, a face lift in Mexico costs as little as £2,000, whereas the same treatment in the UK will leave at least a £5,000 hole in your pocket. The prospect of saving several thousand pounds is difficult to ignore.

But is medical treatment in Mexico safe? Standards may not be quite as high as those at home, but there are a number of world class health clinics offering a wide variety of procedures. The cheapest clinics and surgeons should be avoided. It's simply not worth the added risk just to save yourself a few hundred pounds.

A large aspect of medical tourism is combining heath treatment with a holiday. And where better to spend a week than Mexico. Warm weather, beautiful beaches, and a rich culture and history - Mexico rarely disappoints.

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