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What are the risks and costs of having medical procedures in Italy?

Italy is an increasingly popular destination for Brits looking to have medical treatment abroad. Popular procedures include plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and hair transplant treatment.

All the major cities boast excellent health clinics and hospitals offering a wide range of treatments and procedures. Indeed, patients for all over Europe come to Italy for first class medical treatment at affordable prices.

Unfortunately, the cost of private health care in Italy is gradually increasing. Ten years ago, savings of 40% were not uncommon on a variety of medical procedures. But today, Italian prices are typically just 15-20% less than the UK. For example, breast implants in the UK costs in the region of £4,000 to £5,000, whereas in Italy prices are closer to £3,000.

Standards of care in Italy are high. The Italian Ministry of Health oversees all private clinics and hospitals in Italy, helping to prevent patients receiving inferior treatment. However, it is still advisable to choose one of the more established clinics in the country. This may not eliminate the risk of something going wrong but it will significantly reduce it.

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