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Is Cyprus a good option for having medical treatment abroad?

You will no doubt be aware of the popularity of Cyprus as a holiday destination. But you may not be aware that Cyprus is also a leading provider of medical tourism.

The beautiful island of Cyprus has a number of first class medical centres offering excellent treatment at very affordable prices. Popular health procedures include infertility treatment, cosmetic dentistry, plastic surgery, and laser eye correction.

Medical treatment prices in Cyprus are on average 30% cheaper than those found in the UK. For example, breast implants costs approximately £5,000 at home, but in Cyprus, prices are typically under £3,500.

The risks of travelling to Cyprus for medical treatment are only slightly higher than having the treatment at home. Most doctors and surgeons in Cyprus are trained in the UK or the US, and the Cyprus Ministry of Health oversees all private clinics and hospitals. There are very few inferior clinics and surgeons operating in Cyprus.

Nevertheless, you should still choose a healthcare provider carefully. Experience and a proven track record are essential. Don't jeopardize your health by prioritising price over quality.

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