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How much does medical treatment cost abroad in Europe, Asia and South America?

The main reason people travel abroad for medical treatment is price. Private health care in the UK is amongst the most expensive in Europe. By simply jumping on a plane, you could save yourself thousands of pounds.

In countries such as India, Tunisia, South Africa and Turkey, the cost of medical treatment can be up to 50% less than prices in the UK. For example, a nose job costs just £2,000 in India, whereas you're looking at double this amount in the UK.

When considering medical tourism, you must give consideration to travel and accommodation costs. There's no point heading abroad to save £1000 on a particular procedure, if it's going to cost you this much in travel expenses. Many medical tourism specialists offer all inclusive packages to make the whole process both cheaper and simpler.

However, although the cost of treatment is an important issue, it shouldn't outweigh the risks of travelling abroad for medical care. Despite what you may have read in the newspapers, medical tourism isn't necessarily a huge risk. There have been many cases of people receiving inferior treatment, but this usually involves inferior clinics or surgeons.

You wouldn't let an inexperienced mechanic loose on your car, so why would you let an inexperienced surgeon loose on your body? They key point is to do as much research as you can, and always choose an experienced surgeon at a well-regarded clinic.

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