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What are the risks of medical treatment in Brazil, and how low are the prices?

Brazil is one of the few countries around the world that has continued to grow and prosper over these last few years. The country boasts a booming economy, and as a result has investment heavily in industries such as medical care.

Standards in Brazil's private health sector have improved considerably in recent years. This has helped lead to a sharp increase in the number of medical tourists visiting the country.

Brazil now offers first class health treatment in a wide variety of areas including IVF, plastic surgery, obesity treatment, and laser eye surgery. Prices are typically 30% to 40% lower than those found in the UK.

For example, rhinoplasty in Brazil costs approximately £2,000. The same treatment in the UK costs in the region of £4,000. However, prices do vary from clinic to clinic. In certain well-established Brazil medical centres, prices may not be much less than those found at home.

The private health industry in Brazil is tightly regulated. The risks of receiving poor treatment are low compared to other South American countries. The Brazilian Ministry of Health oversees all health clinics and hospitals, and Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP) is the second largest plastic surgery group in the world.

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