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What causes threadworm, how is it treated and just how serious can it be?

Threadworm is a very common infection where white worms of approximately 10mm in length take root in the upper part of your intestine and lay eggs around the anus.

They are transmitted through poor hygiene which is why children who haven't yet grasped the importance of cleanliness are particularly prone to infection. All it takes is the slightest trace of faeces on a child's hand to potentially pass the threadworm on to all her friends and family. The invisible eggs of the threadworm can also be found on clothes, toys and even in dust.

The main symptom of threadworm is an itchy bottom, which tends to get worse at night. Indeed this is the very reason why children tend to spread the condition - they wont think twice about scratching around down there and not washing their hands afterwards.

Fortunately, the problem can be effectively treated with over the counter medication such as Vermox. However, it is much better to educate your family of the importance of hygiene to prevent threadworm from developing in the first place.

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