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How do I keep my teeth and mouth as healthy as possible?

The human mouth is a breading ground for germs, viruses and bacteria. Our bodies try their best to fight off these unwelcome invaders and most of the time they're successful.

However, the least you can do is give your body a helping hand to keep your mouth clean and healthy...

Only fools fail to floss
The importance of flossing cannot be overstated. Without flossing you will leave over a third of your teeth uncleaned. That's a great big area for bacteria to grow and decay to develop. But despite this millions of women in the UK don't include it as part of their oral hygiene regime.

Chew that gum
Chewing sugar free gum in moderation increases levels of saliva in the mouth which is the body's natural defence against germs and bacteria.

Dentists are your friend
Your dentist is absolutely crucial to maintaining a healthy mouth. Not only will he keep you teeth in tip-top condition but he can also help detect diseases of the mouth at a very early stage.

If your toothbrush is beginning to look a little rough around the edges it will be already reducing the effectiveness of your brushing. Failing to replace your toothbrush regularly is an open invitation to plaque and decay.

The food you eat is vital to the health of every part of your body and the mouth is no exception. For strong teeth you should ensure your calcium intake is above the recommended daily level. Eating raw foods such as celery and carrots is also hugely beneficial as it increases salivation which, as previously mentioned, is one of your mouth's main weapons in the fight against germs and bacteria.

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