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How successful is laser hair removal on my underarm or armpits?

If you're brave, you wont' let a few underarm hairs bother you. They're hidden most of the time, so what's the problem?

Unfortunately, society has decided that even the mere sight of a woman with hairy armpits is outrageous. Just ask Julia Roberts. The result of this is that women are forced to shave or wax their underarms, sometimes on a daily basis.

However, laser hair removal treatment offers an alternative to this continual scraping, ripping and creaming. Not only, does laser treatment offer a long term solution to hairy armpits but it means you have one less thing to worry about in the never ending ritual of trying to look your best.

As the underarm area is relatively small, and there are only a handful of hairs, laser removal will usually take less than fifteen minutes. However, several sessions may be required to fully eliminate hairs in the area.

Although, laser hair removal for the armpits is amongst the most suitable areas of the body to treat, in some instances patients will be left disappointed. It's not uncommon for the effects of laser procedures to be somewhat less successful than expected. However, further treatment can effectively address such issues

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