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Where should I go for laser hair removal in the UK, and which are the best clinics?

Although laser hair removal is rarely available on the NHS, you can have treatment at an increasing number of private clinics across the country. There is now a laser hair removal specialist in every major town and city in the UK.

But what are the best clinics? And which offer the most attractive prices?

The most established clinics offering laser hair removal include, The Harley Medical Group, Mya Group, Transform Cosmetic Surgery, and The Hospital Group. With clinics the length and breath of the UK, each of these private medical groups offer a variety of surgical and non surgical cosmetic procedures. They provide a full range of laser hair removal procedures at competitive prices. They also offer a number of finance options to help accommodate all budgets.

There are also dozens of smaller independent clinics dotted around the country offering equally affordable care and service. Indeed, sometimes these independent clinics have lower prices than the larger medical groups in the UK.

However, as with all private medical treatment, you're ill-advised to plump straight for the cheapest clinic you can find. It's essential to use an experience surgeon or practitioner at a well regarded clinic. Although the risks of laser hair removal are very low, things can go wrong. Don't put yourself at risk for the sake of a few pounds.

Recommended Clinics in the UK

Belfast | Birmingham | Bristol | Cardiff | Glasgow | Leicester | Liverpool | London | Manchester | Newcastle

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