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Will laser hair removal leave scars, and just how bad can they be?

Although the risks of laser hair removal are much lower than say plastic surgery, things can, and sometimes do, go wrong. Indeed, there have been numerous articles in the press of patients being left with burns or scars following laser treatment.

So does laser hair removal cause scarring? The answer, you may be surprised to hear, is yes you can be left with scars. Indeed, this is mentioned in the consent forms you will be required to be sign before receiving treatment.

This obviously sounds extremely worrying but the truth is that scarring from laser hair removal is very rare. Cases where the scars are permanent are rarer still.

Many factors can increase the chances of scarring after laser hair removal. The most common are firstly where the patient's body has a poor ability to heal, and secondly where the patient has a dark skin tone as minor scars will be more visible to the naked eye.

A slightly more common side effect of laser hair removal is pigment changes to the area of skin treatment. This can be either darkening or lightening but most instances are temporary, and wear off after three of four weeks.

As with all forms of medical treatment, the risks of complications and side effects can be reduced by using an experienced surgeon at a well regarded clinic. Even in the hands of highly skilled practitioner, there is the possibility of unforeseen complications but the risk will be far lower than with an inexperienced laser practitioner.

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