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What is Ruby laser hair removal, and how much does it cost?

The Ruby procedure was one of the first laser treatments used for hair removal. More suitable for people with fair or light skin, it continues to be a popular procedure to remove unwanted hair.

The Ruby technique can produce impressively long lasting results. The procedure is also less painful than more modern laser treatments.

The procedure
The Ruby technique uses concentrated pulses of light and heat to attack individual hair follicles, inhibiting future hair growth. Compared to other laser techniques, the Ruby procedure has a longer delay between each pulse. This should mean that the patient feels less discomfort than with other forms of laser treatment. However, consequently the Ruby procedure does take several more minutes than alternative removal method.

Risks and side effects
The risks of side effects and complications of Ruby hair removal are relatively low. Minor cases of temporary, scarring, pigmentation loss, irritation and mild swelling can occur around the treatment area. However, more serious, permanent side effects are exceptionally rare. Compared to plastic surgery or weight loss treatment, Ruby hair removal is a very safe form of beauty treatment.

Cost and prices
A cost the Ruby treatment, like all laser hair removal procedures, will vary from clinic to clinic, and area to area. It will also depend on the size of the area to be treated, and the number of hairs present. Ruby prices start at around £50 for a simple treatment on the upper lip or armpit. However, you will usually require a course of treatment so costs can soon rise into several hundred pounds. Prices are significantly lower abroad, where savings of up to 50% are not uncommon.

NHS, private or abroad
As with most forms of laser hair removal, the Ruby procedure is not usually offered on the NHS. Only in cases where unwanted hair is having a serious affect on the patient's life, will NHS treatment even be considered. You can, however, choose to have Ruby treatment at a number of private clinics in England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales. Alternatively, you can travel abroad to receive treatment as most western countries offer a full range of laser techniques.

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