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What are the risks and potential side effects of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a relatively low risk procedure. Side effects are uncommon, and serious complications are very rare indeed.

However, occasionally problems can arise either during the treatment or in the days and weeks that follow. Perhaps the biggest danger of laser hair removal is the risk of scarring.

The procedure can burn the skin, leaving noticeable red, or in some cases light coloured marks. Usually, these scars will fade as the body begins to heal itself but in some cases, they can have a greater permanence.

Other less serious side effects include itching, redness and swelling around the area treated. However, these issues should dissipate in two to three days.

Skin pigmentation can also occur as a result of laser treatment. More common in darker skin tones, this again is temporary in the vast majority of cases.

Should you develop any side effects in the days following treatment, you must inform the clinic straight away. Prompt treatment of such issues can help prevent development of more serious problems.

As with all forms of private medical treatment, you can reduce the risk of side effects of laser hair removal with your choice of clinic or surgeon. If you're in the hands of an experienced practitioner at a well regarded clinic, the risk of something going wrong is significantly reduced.

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