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Where can I find reviews of laser hair procedures, and of UK clinics?

With clinics in the UK and abroad offering an increasing number of laser hair removal procedures, it's not always clear which treatment is best. Unbiased reviews of laser hair removal procedures can be hard to come by.

Many reviews, whether online or in print, will push one procedure over the others not because it's the best but because the writer is being financially rewarded in doing so. A review is worthless unless it is 100% unbiased.

So what is the best laser hair removal procedure? Well, that really depends on your skin tone, and the particular area on unwanted hair that you want treated. Some treatments such as the Ruby procedure are more suitable for fair skin. Some procedures such as Nd Yag are better on dark skin. And some techniques such as Intense Pulsed Light work well on all skin types.

There is currently no single hair removal technique that is superior to the others. Each offers different advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is to fully discuss these issues with your surgeon to identify which procedure is most suitable for you.

If you're looking for reviews of UK clinics, you can't go wrong with nationwide cosmetic groups such as Mya, Transform, The Harley Medical Group, and The Hospital Group. Not only will you find a range of laser hair removal procedures at competitive prices, but also very high standards of care and treatment.

Of course, there are a number of independent laser hair clinics throughout the country also offering first rate service at competitive prices. A little research to identify those with the best reputation is definitely time well spent.

Recommended Clinics in the UK

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