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Do laser hair reduction home kits actually work, and what is a good one to buy?

The first thing to note about laser hair reduction kits is that they aren't as good as the lasers used at professional clinics. If they were, these laser centres would soon go out of business.

However, the very poor home kits of a few years ago are now being replaced with far more effective systems. Although short of professional standards, these home kits do work. Indeed, an increasing number of women have abandoned these epilators and hair removal creams, in favour of these mini lasers.

Home laser kits are not a quick fix to hair removal. You will need to use the system on a regular basis to keep you unwanted hair under control. After the initial treatment process, you may need to reach for your home laser kits every month or two. They are permanent hair reduction kits, not permanent hair removal kits. Your hair will still grow, but at a much slower rate.

Hair reduction kits vary greatly in price. Some systems cost as little as £150 whereas others retail for well over £600. The sensible choice is somewhere n the middle. The cheapest systems are ineffective, and the expensive kits simply aren't worth the money.

Two of the better laser reduction kits are the Philips Lumea SC2001/00 IPL Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System which retails at £400, and the Silk'n Pro Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal Device which you can pick up for around £270. Both devices work well on all hair colours and treatment areas.

A popular choice in the UK is the Boots Smooth Skin Intense Pulsed Light hair reduction system. This home kit gives permanent hair reduction in just 6-12 weeks, and can be used on the body and face. It costs £325 but was recently on sale at £275. Check out the Boots website to see if you can still pick up a bargain.

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