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Is it possible to have free laser hair removal on the NHS in the UK?

Not every medical or clinical procedure is available for free on the NHS. The National Health Service may offer universal healthcare in the UK but there are still boundaries.

If a procedure is viewed as purely cosmetic, or there are simpler, less expensive alternatives, the NHS will usually not provide treatment. This criteria includes areas such as cosmetic surgery, laser eye correction, and unfortunately laser hair removal.

Some NHS trusts and hospitals offer electrolysis but treatment will only be given to severe cases. If you simply want your bikini line removed of hair, then there is little possibility of having treatment for free on the NHS.

So what qualifies as a severe case? Well, if your unwanted hair is due to an established medical problem, you may be offered treatment. Similarly, if you can prove that your hair condition is having an adverse affect on your life, your local NHS hospital may provide treatment.

Even if you are considered a severe case, and you are offered treatment on the NHS, you may find yourself at the bottom of a very long waiting list. Although waiting lists are coming down across the NHS, you may still be faced with a wait of several months.

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