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What does Nd Yag laser hair removal involve, and how much does it cost?

One of the newest forms of laser hair removal, the Nd Yag procedure is an increasingly popular method of treating unwanted hair. Arguably less painful than similar procedures, the Nd Yag technique can produce long term results in a wide range of body areas.

The procedure can be used on all skin types, but it is more effective on darker or tanned skins. If you have a light or fair complexion, one of the alternative hair removal procedures may be a better choice.

The procedure
The ND Yag procedure involves applying a type of carbon lotion to the treatment area, before the Nd Yag laser is directed at each individual hair follicle. Large areas of the body can be treated with this type of laser, although patients may experience a little more discomfort than with other forms of laser therapy. The procedure is simple yet effective, provided you are in the hands of any experienced practitioner.

Risks and side effects
The potential side effects and complications of having Nd Yag treatment include temporary scarring, mild swelling and minor irritability. In only a handful of cases, do such conditions last any longer than a few of days. Risks of complications can be greatly reduced by using an experienced practitioner at a well regarded clinic.

Cost and prices
It is difficult to give average costs of Nd Yag treatment, as prices can vary quite significantly from patient to patient, clinic to clinic, and area to area. For example the cost of a simple Nd Yag procedure in a small, local clinic can cost a fraction of what you would pay for a more severe case in a London clinic. Nd Yag prices start from as little as £30 per session but most treatment will require multiple clinic visits.

NHS, private or abroad
You are highly unlikely to find Nd Yag treatment available on the NHS. Laser hair removal will only be considered if either the unwanted hair is due to a medical condition, or the hair is having an adverse affect on the individual's life. However, you can have Nd Yag at a growing number of private clinics in the UK and abroad.

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