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How successful is laser hair removal on the legs, and how much does treatment cost?

Women shave their legs more often than any other part of their body. Our legs are expected to be silky smooth at all times.

Whether you're a shaver or a waxer, maintaining this hair free state, can be both time consuming and a source of irritation. But it needn't be this way.

Laser hair removal is a great alternative to shaving or waxing your legs. Not only is laser treatment pain free, but the effects are considerably longer lasting. This greater level of permanence can even make it a more economical solution.

Laser procedures on the legs will take longer than standard treatment as there is a larger area to deal with. However, your laser surgeon should take no longer than an hour to treat both legs. You will usually be required to visit the clinic three times over a two month period, to fully complete the treatment.

However, before you rush out to you local hair removal clinic, it's worth noting that treatment is not guaranteed to produce perfect results. Your laser surgeon may struggle to completely remove all the hairs from your legs. Of course, there will be a massive improvement but it may not be the miracle treatment you were looking for.

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