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What does IPL laser hair removal involve, and how much are typical prices?

The hair removal treatment known as IPL or Intense Pulsed Light isn't actually a laser procedure at all. The devices used involve the same concepts as lasers but require a greater degree of skill to operate.

Unlike, other forms of hair removal, IPL can be successfully used on all skin types. It is regarded not only as one of the most effective treatments for the removal of unwanted hair but also one of the safest.

The procedure
The IPL procedure uses intense pulsed light, hence its name, to gently remove hair from the treatment area. The pulses of light direct their heat onto individual hair follicles, effectively destroying them without impacting the surrounding skin. The procedure is very quick and almost pain free.

Risks and side effects
The risks of IPL hair removal are very low. In some cases, scarring or a pigmentation changes can occur but these are usually temporary in nature. Redness, irritability and mild swelling can arise in the treatment area. However, such side effects normally dissipate after a day or so. Only a very few IPL patients have been left with permanent scarring or suffered more serious complications.

Cost and prices
A cost of Intense Pulsed Light procedure in the UK starts from as little as £40 per session. However, prices can be significantly higher in city centre clinics. Most patients will require multiple sessions so prices can quickly rise into several hundreds of pounds. Prices are considerably lower abroad, where savings of up to 50% are possible.

NHS, private or abroad
The chances of being offered IPL treatment on the NHS are slim. Only in cases where the unwanted hair is a result of a serious medical condition, or where the hair was having an adverse affect on the patient's life, would it be possible to have free IPL treatment on the NHS. However, you can have a variety of laser hair removal procedures in private clinics both in the UK or abroad.

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