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What are my options for laser hair removal on my face?

Facial hair on a woman isn't something many people find attractive. Indeed, the vast majority of women pluck and shave tirelessly to ensure not a single hair appears on their chin or upper lip.

Fortunately, with the development of laser hair removal, unwanted facial hair can be treated more efficiently and effectively. Whether you are prone to developing something of a moustache, or you simply have a few stray hairs on your chin, laser procedures can leave you as smooth faced as the day you were born.

As most hair problems on a woman's face are fairly minor, there are unlikely to be many individual hair follicles to treat. This means facial laser treatment will usually take as little as fifteen minutes out of your day.

Laser treatment for the face is also less prone to the common side effects of plucking and shaving such as redness, irritability, and ingrown hairs. In most cases, the laser procedure will remove your unwanted hairs without pain or side effects.

Although, the risks of facial laser treatment are very low, they do still exist. Some patients will experience scarring, skin discoloration, or mild swelling. In all but a handful of cases, such issues are temporary, and will pass within a few days.

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