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What does Diode laser hair removal involve, and how much are typical prices?

The Diode laser procedure is an effective treatment for unwanted hair, particularly in patient's with darker skin. It can be used on fair or light skinned individuals, but results are less impressive.

The Diode technique can inhibit hair growth over an impressively long period, and is suitable on a range of treatment areas from the armpits to the bikini line.

The procedure
The Diode laser hair removal procedure involves directing a beam of concentrated light onto the individual hair follicles. The melanin contained within each follicle is effectually destroyed, adversely affecting future hair growth. The procedure is relatively quick and almost pain free. Most patients will require multiple sessions to complete the procedure.

Risks and side effects
Most patients will have nothing but praise for Diode laser hair removal. However, as with most medical procedures there are risks involved. Although the probability of experiencing anything more than minor side effects is very low, you should still be aware that things can, and sometimes do, go wrong. Diode procedure has left some patients with permanent scars of burn marks on the area treatment. Skin pigmentation changes can also occur, but these are usually temporary in nature.

Cost and prices
The average prices of Diode treatment in the UK can vary hugely from from clinic to clinic, and area to area. A typical course of laser hair removal will cost in the region of £200 to £350. However, costs will greatly depend on the severity of the individual case. As laser hair procedures treat one hair at a time, the more hair a patient has, the more it will cost to remove.

NHS, private or abroad
Very few patients will receive Diode treatment for free on the NHS. Laser hair treatment is largely a cosmetic procedure, and ,as a result, NHS treatment will not be offered. However, you can have a Diode laser hair removal in private clinics throughout the UK. The procedure is also available in most developed countries around the world.

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