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What are the typical costs of laser hair removal in the UK?

It's very difficult to give accurate figures for the cost of laser hair removal as prices can vary substantially. One person's treatment can cost ten times as much as the next.

There are a number of factors behind this dramatic range in price. Firstly, the laser hair removal procedure targets each individual hair. The more hairs you have, the more time it takes, and the more money it costs.

Secondly, costs will depend on the type of laser used. More advanced forms of treatment can cost considerably more than somewhat older techniques.

And thirdly, prices can also vary wildly form clinic to clinic, and area to area. Prices in London can be up to twice as high as those in small towns around the country. And remember, price isn't always a guarantee of quality. Sometimes, a clinic can be expensive simply because of the street it's located in.

But to give you an idea of the costs involved, we have identified approximate prices for a single treatment at an average UK clinic. Bear in mind that many laser procedures will require a course of treatment over several visits to the clinic. In such instances, most clinics will offer discounted rates.

Underarms - £50.00 to £70
Legs - £150 to £350
Bikini line - £50 to £90
Arms - £120 to £200
Hands - £30 to £40
Lip - £30 to£50
Chin - £30 to £60
Eyebrows £30 to £65

Laser hair removal prices are generally cheaper abroad. For example, in India you could save over 40% on typical treatment at home. However, when you include travel and accommodation costs, any savings you could make are likely to be lost.

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