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Looking for a hair reduction centre in Manchester? Then look no further, as we've identified some of the very best removal clinics near you. Take a look at the following first rate laser specialists in the Manchester area:


The sk:n Clinic in Manchester uses the latest techniques to provide a world class laser hair removal service. As well as permanent hair removal, the clinic also offers chemical peels, tattoo removal, and microdermabrasion. Telephone 0800 028 7222 to arrange a free consultation.

Address: sk:n Clinic, 1 Albert Square, Manchester, M2 3FU, England.



SkinGenesis in Manchester is another well regarded laser hair reduction specialist. The popular clinic also provides treatment for acne, freckles, scarring, and thread veins. Telephone 0161 831 7007 to find out more details.

Address: SkinGenesis, 149 Great Ducie Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M3 1FB, England.


The Harley Medical Group

The Harley Medical Group is an excellent choice for laser treatment in Manchester. This nationwide cosmetic group offers high standards of care and treatment at very competitive prices. To arrange an appointment call 0800 022 3466 or visit

Address: The Harley Medical Group, Queen's Chambers, 5 John Dalton Street, Manchester, Lancashire M2 6FT, England.


Manchester Laser Clinic

The Manchester Laser Clinic is a specialist centre that can help with all your unwanted hair issues. The latest technology is used to produce long lasting results. The centre has a good reputation in the local area. Call 0161 835 9177 or visit to find out more.

Address: Manchester Laser Clinic, 28 Queen St, Manchester, Lancashire M2 5HX, England.

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