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Is laser hair removal successful at treating a hairy back?

A hairy back isn't a particularly good look on a man but on a woman it's almost offensive. Maybe we're exaggerating a little but it's hard to look feminine with hairs shooting out from below your neck.

Of course, most women will only experience a handful of hairs in the back area but in some cases the hair growth can be more substantial. So what's the solution?

You can of course shave and wax as you would do with your legs and armpits. But if you want a more permanent solution then laser hair removal may be the answer.

Shaving and waxing your back is not only difficult logistically but the results will not last a particularly long time. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, is less problematic, and the results have a far greater degree of permanence.

The duration of the procedure will depend on how severe the case is. The more hairs, the more time. Several courses of laser treatment will usually be required to effectively address the problem.

However, as with all forms of laser hair removal, testament for your back may not be the complete solution you were looking for. Laser removal doesn't always leave the patient entirely hair free. There will be a huge improvement but perfection isn't always possible.

Cost and prices
The cost of Wavefront eye surgery in the UK starts are around £900, although in some clinics prices will be nearer £1500 per eye. Wavefront is available in an increasing number of countries in Europe and further afield where prices can be over 30% cheaper.

NHS, private or abroad
Unfortunately, you are unlikely to be able to have the Wavefront procedure for free under the NHS. Although Wavefront laser surgery can cure common eye conditions, there are alternatives to the procedure such as wearing glasses or contact lenses. It cannot be viewed as essential medical care, and as a result you won't find it at your local NHS hospital. You can however have the procedure in private eye clinics both in the UK and abroad.

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