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Is it cheaper to have laser hair removal abroad, and is there more risk of things going wrong?

Each year, thousands of women pack their bags and head abroad for private health treatment. From nose jobs to weight loss surgery, medical tourism is growing at a rapid rate.

But what of laser hair removal? Is having such treatment abroad recommended? How much money can you really save?

As with most private medical treatment, hair removal prices in the UK are amongst the highest in the world. You don't need to look far to find cheaper prices in Europe, Asia or anywhere else in the world.

In countries such as India, Brazil, Tunisia and the Czech Republic, you can have laser hair removal for up to 50% less than you would pay in the UK or US. Prices vary from clinic to clinic as they do at home, but the savings can be quite substantial.

On the face of it, these low prices look very attractive indeed. But when you include the cost of travel and accommodation, laser treatment abroad doesn't look quite so appealing.

However, if you are going abroad on holiday or business, and would like to benefit from the cheaper treatment prices, by all means do so. But remember, don't simply opt for the lowest priced clinic you can find. Use a reputable medical centre with experience in laser hair removal procedures. It's not worth the risk just to save yourself a few pounds.

Cost and prices
The cost of Wavefront eye surgery in the UK starts are around £900, although in some clinics prices will be nearer £1500 per eye. Wavefront is available in an increasing number of countries in Europe and further afield where prices can be over 30% cheaper.

NHS, private or abroad
Unfortunately, you are unlikely to be able to have the Wavefront procedure for free under the NHS. Although Wavefront laser surgery can cure common eye conditions, there are alternatives to the procedure such as wearing glasses or contact lenses. It cannot be viewed as essential medical care, and as a result you won't find it at your local NHS hospital. You can however have the procedure in private eye clinics both in the UK and abroad.

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