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At some point in history, it was decided that women shouldn't be hairy. Men are allowed to have hair sprouting from head to toe, but not us women. This can a real annoyance as we are forced to wax or shave sometimes on a dally basis.

Fortunately, there is a more long term solution to this problem, namely laser hair removal. From IPL to the Ruby procedure, there are now a number of laser removal treatments available. Whether it's unwanted hair on your back or your >bikini line, laser treatment can leave you with skin as smooth as the day you were born.

But are such produces painful, and what are the risks of side effects and complications? Where are the best UK clinics, and how much money can you save by having treatment abroad? Hopefully, you'll find answers to all your questions below.

Nd Yag
What does Nd Yag treatment involve? Take a look the costs and risks of Nd Yag laser hair reduction.

Where can I find recommended laser clinics in the UK? A guide to hair reduction specialista in the United Kingdom.

Can laser treatment cause scarring? Take a look at the risks of scars from different types of hair removal procedures.

Home laser kits
Do home laser hair hits actually work? The advantages and disadvantages of laser hair reduction at home.

What do laser procedures actually involve? A step by step guide to the techniques used in hair removal.

Diode laser
What does the Diode technique involve? The costs and risks of this popular method of hair reduction.

Laser treatment abroad
Should I consider having hair reduction aboard? Learn about the costs and risks of procedures abroad.

Home laser kits
Do home laser hair hits actually work? The advantages and disadvantages of laser hair reduction at home.

What are the risks of hair removal? Take a look at the potential side effects and complications of laser procedures.

Hairy legs
Is laser treatment a permanent solution to hairy legs? Learn about hair reduction procedures for the leg area.

Ruby hair removal
Is Ruby laser treatment recommended? A guide to the Ruby technique of hair reduction.

Hairy back
What are my options for dealing with a hairy back? Find out how laser hair reduction can help with back hair.

How much does laser hair removal cost in the UK? Typical costs of hair reduction procedures in the United Kingdom.

IPL treatment
What does IPL hair removal involve? What to expect from the IPL hair reduction technique.

NHS treatment
Can I have laser hair removal on the NHS? Learn about your options for hair reduction on the NHS.

Specialists in the UK
Where should i go for laser treatment in the UK? Choosing a hair reduction specialist in your local area.

Underarm hair
Does laser treatment work on underarm hair? Learn about your options for the reduction of armpit hair.

Permanent procures
What are my choices for permanent hair removal? The hair removal methods with the greatest level of permanency.

Bikini area
Does laser treatment work well on the bikini area? Advice on bikini line hair reduction methods.

Treatment pain
Is hair reduction treatment painful? Learn about the pain involved in having a laser hair procedure.

Where can I find reviews of laser clinics and procedures? Unbiased reviews of hair removal specialists.

Facial treatment
Can I have laser treatment on my face? Find out your options for facial hair reduction.

Fertility & Pregnancy


Artificial insemination
Learn about the costs, risks and probability of success from this infertility procedure.

Treatment abroad
What you need to know about having fertility treatment overseas.

Gender selection
A guide to the legal and moral aspects of choosing the sex of your baby.

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