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Unfortunately, polycystic ovary syndrome cannot be cured. However, the symptoms of the condition can be treated through a variety of methods.

PCOS will usually be addressed through medication, weight reduction, and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. In some cases, minor surgery may be used to improve the condition.

A range of medication can be prescribed to treat the symptoms of PCOS. These include drugs to reduce insulin resistance and improve your menstrual cycle, as well as medication to reduce the masculine effects that PCOS can cause.

If PCOS is causing difficulties in trying go conceive, fertility drugs such as Clomifene can be used. These help stimulate the ovaries and therefore improve your level of fertility.

Although medication can be effective, the greatest improvement in PCOS can be achieved through diet and lifestyle changes. Maintaining a healthy weight and getting regular exercise can dramatically reduce the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome. Even a 5% weight reduction can have a noticeable effect in women suffering from the condition.

And finally, a minor surgical procedure called laparoscopic ovarian drilling may be used to remove the tissue that is producing male hormones. This operation corrects the hormonal balance of the body, and therefore allows the ovaries to function in the normal way. Again, this improves fertility and the likelihood of becoming pregnant.

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