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As well as reducing your chances of becoming pregnant, polycystic ovary syndrome can increase the risk of complications during your pregnancy. This is a real cause of concern at a time when you're already likely to be somewhat anxious.

However, although PCOS can be problematic during pregnancy, it doesn't always cause an issue. Up to 10% of women of childbearing age have polycystic ovarian syndrome or similar type cysts, and many thousands of them give birth to healthy babies each year.

Nevertheless, the risks of PCOS during pregnancy can be significant, and in some cases can have tragic results. The main danger of polycystic ovary syndrome is an increased risk of miscarriage. Experts believe miscarriage rates may be as high as 50% in some women with PCOS.

However, not every woman with POCS will have such a high probability of miscarriage. If your condition in relatively undeveloped, your outlook will be considerably better.

Anther problem PCOS can cause during pregnancy is the risk of diabetes. Polycystic ovary syndrome can contribute to diabetes in later life. In pregnant women, it can increase the probability of gestational diabetes developing.

Gestational diabetes is where diabetes develops in pregnant women who haven't previously had the condition. The problem is surprisingly common, with up to 5% of pregnant women developing the disorder.

Gestational diabetes doesn't present an immediate risk to your health or that or your unborn baby. However, if the condition is left untreated, it can cause pre-eclampsia, premature labour, or the development of too much amniotic fluid.

And finally, women with PCOS who gain considerable weight during pregnancy are likely to experience more severe symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome after the birth. These symptoms will typically persist until the excess weight is lost.

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