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The symptoms of a panic attack will typically appears without warning, and often for no apparent reason. You can feel perfectly fine one minute, and then awful the next.

The main symptom of a panic attack will be an overwhelming feeling of tension and anxiety. However, this will be accompanied by a variety of physical symptoms that intensify the feeling of being terrified.

One of the most common physical symptoms is heart palpations or a sensation that your heart is beating irregularly. This can make you feel like they've having a heart attack.

Other physical symptoms of a panic attack or panic disorder include excessive sweating, dizziness, nausea, and chest pain. You may also experience uncontrollable trembling and an uncomfortable shortness of breath.

Some people experiencing a panic attack will develop a dry mouth, pins and needles or hot flushes. A ringing sound in the ears is also relatively common.

Most panic attacks last no longer than twenty minutes, with symptoms peaking at around the ten minute stage. However, attacks can sometimes last such longer, over an hour in rare cases. This can be one long attack, or a serious of attacks, one straight after another.

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