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There is no full proof way to stop panic attacks. Medication will work for some people. Therapy may prove successful for others. But some people will continue to suffer from panic attacks after trying all forms of treatment.

However, even in cases where panic attacks cannot be fully stopped, they can be reduced. Medication and therapy can be very effective but often self-help achieves the best results.

Trying to stop panic attacks takes a great deal of patience and determination. You need to take control of the condition. Identify when and where your attacks occur. Was there a specific trigger that caused the attack? What were you feeling at the time? Identifying the reasons for a panic attack is a giant step towards stopping these unfortunate episodes from occurring.

Panic attacks can often develop as a result of fearful and anxious thoughts. If you can train yourself to banish this negative thinking from your mind, you can reduce the likelihood of panic attacks occurring.

Becoming more confident and assertive can also help stop panic attacks. People with low self esteem, or those who are too self-critical, are more susceptible to panic attacks than confident, contented individuals.

Breathing an relaxation techniques can greatly reduce the frequency of panic attack episodes. Staying calm and maintaining normal breathing patterns can nip attacks in the bud before they have the chance to develop.

And finally, if you really want to stop panic attacks, them stop worrying about them. Anxiousness breads anxiousness. The more you worry about panic attacks, the more likely you are to have one. Accept it, fight it, and you may well beat it.

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