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The UK has being suffering from an ever worsening obesity problem over the last twenty years. Men, women and children of all ages, races, and backgrounds are simply getting fatter.

Recent statistics indicate that nearly 45% of men in the UK are overweight, with a further 18% clinically obese. Women fare a little better with almost 35% overweight but over 20% are clinically obese. But perhaps the most worrying statistic of all, is that 24% of children aged between two and 15 are now obese.

The obesity problem in the UK has become so severe that over one million of us would qualify for weight reduction surgery on the NHS. This may be a frightening statistic but health experts predict that this figure could double over the next decade.

It's estimated that over ten million people in the UK are only slightly below the weight level that indicates clinical obesity. If current trends continue, we could have tens of thousands people applying for obesity surgery each year.

There is growing pressure on the government to revise the criteria for NHS obesity operations. Many people are now of the belief that weight reduction surgery should only be made available to people with serious health issues related to their weight. At the moment, many patients are being accepted simply because they are overweight.

The counter argument is that although weight reduction surgery is expensive, it is a cheaper option in the long wrong. The theory is that if someone continues to be obese, she will cost the NHS much more over the course of her lifetime due to the development of obesity related diseases.

The only solution to the obesity epidemic in the UK, is to convince people to eat less and exercise more. However, many experts now fear this to be an impossible task. People will ultimately do what they want. Unless there is enormous, almost dictatorial, intervention from the government, we as a nation are only going to get fatter.

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