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Weight reduction treatment costs the NHS million of pounds every year. When you include the cost of treating conditions caused by obesity, the figures become enormous.

Unfortunately, trying to help people who are already clinically or morbidly obese is both difficult and expensive. It may make better sense to concentrate on prevention rather than cure.

However, obesity prevention is far from easy. If it was, we wouldn't be faced with a global obesity epidemic.

The two keys to preventing obesity are education and starting very early. Knowledge and guidance from a young age can help prevent another generation of children and young adults adding the the huge number of overweight people in the country.

Educating people to fully understand the causes and consequences of obesity can make a massive difference. You would be surprised of how many people that don't have a basic grasp of a healthly diet and lifestyle. For example, a high percentage of people who are overweight simply don't realise that their portion sizes are too big. They may be eating moderately healthy foods, but they are consuming far to much of it.

Obesity can be prevented at any time, but best results are achieved when action is taken at a young age. Parents have a tremendous responsibility to teach their children to eat the right foods. It may be a harsh thing to say, but most obese children are overweight because of their parent's failings.

Of course, in today's world it's virtually impossible to control your children outside of the house. If they want to eat junk food for lunch at school, there's not much you can do about it. However, if you can educate your kids from a young age, there is less chance they will make the food and lifestyle choices that typically lead to obesity.

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