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The number of people being diagnosed with obesity and diabetes in the UK continues to grow at an a worrying rate. Experts believe that the obesity epidemic we are facing is fueling the surge in diabetes numbers.

Recent statistics estimate that there are now more than 2.5 million people with diabetes in the UK, and over 5 million people clinically obese. But perhaps even more frightening, is that many millions more are in the early stages of diabetes, and yet more still are just on the verge of obesity.

The future does not look hopeful with experts predicting further significant increases in obesity and diabetes numbers. Figures could quite conceivably double over the next ten years, unless the current trend is halted.

The link between diabetes and obesity is clear. Eight out of every ten people with Type 2 diabetes (the most common form of the condition) are overweight or obese at the time of diagnosis.

The diabetes and obesity relationship is due to the fact that dietary and lifestyle choices increase you chances of developing diabetes. A poor diet, and a lack of exercise can lead to obesity, which in turn can cause diabetes.

It's clear that if we could address our obesity problem in the UK, diabetes numbers would plummet. The savings for the NHS would be several billions of pounds each year. And more importantly, the quality of life of millions of people would be improved.

However, tackling our obesity problem is a monumental task. We as a society would need to make a significant change in direction in order to improve the way we live our lives. Is it possible? Do we have the collective willpower and determination? The jury's out. Take a look at diabetes in more detail.

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