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Just how good is NHS healthcare, and is private treatment any better?

The NHS receives fresh criticism every week of the year. If it's not complaints about cleanliness, it's frustration over waiting lists. But does the NHS deserve such regular attacks?

The answer is quite categorically no. NHS healthcare is, on the whole, amongst the best in Europe. The NHS provides first class care and treatment for serious illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. The vast majority of NHS doctors and nurses are highly skilled and experienced. Their dedication to helping their patients is beyond question.

It's also easy to forget just how lucky we are to have a free healthcare system. Millions of people throughout the world who have no option but to pay for healthcare, would love to be in our position.

However, there is no smoke without fire, and some criticism of the NHS is perfectly justified. There have been severe problems with cleanliness, infections and waiting lists. There is also concern as to the accuracy of diagnoses, or in many cases, the lack of a diagnosis. There is a growing view that the NHS is great for treatment but poor for diagnoses. Although this is a generalization, it is an area in which there is room for improvement.

But every criticism of NHS healthcare should be tempered with consideration to the financial constraints the service operates under. Doctors, nurses and hospital staff can only do their best. If they don't have the equipment or the staff numbers to run the hospital properly, there is little they can do to make things better.

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