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What is Wavefront laser treatment and how much are typical prices?

One of the most advanced forms of laser eye treatment available in the UK is the Wavefront procedure. Also known as Wavefront guided LASIK, this state of the art technique uses computer generated three dimensional measurements of the eyes.

This enable the eye surgeon to customize his treatment to the patient's unique eye make-up. This not only increases the likelihood of a perfect result but it reduces the chances of mistakes being made, and of complications arising.

The procedure
Wavefront surgery is almost identical to standard laser eye correction. The one key difference is that Wavefront technology allows the surgeon to take incredibly accurate measurements of the cornea. A special machine passes several thousand beams of light to different parts of the eye to create a detailed picture of the inner workings of the eye. Computer technology is then used to control the laser in the correction of any undesirable conditions.

Risks and side effects
Due to the advanced techniques used, Wavefront laser surgery is somewhat safer than standard eye correction procedures. Fewer than one in every 2500 patients has experienced a serious side effect or complication. However, the risks of infection, vision abnormality, ineffective treatment and in some cases, a loss of vision are still present.

Cost and prices
The cost of Wavefront eye surgery in the UK starts are around £900, although in some clinics prices will be nearer £1500 per eye. Wavefront is available in an increasing number of countries in Europe and further afield where prices can be over 30% cheaper.

NHS, private or abroad
Unfortunately, you are unlikely to be able to have the Wavefront procedure for free under the NHS. Although Wavefront laser surgery can cure common eye conditions, there are alternatives to the procedure such as wearing glasses or contact lenses. It cannot be viewed as essential medical care, and as a result you won't find it at your local NHS hospital. You can however have the procedure in private eye clinics both in the UK and abroad.

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