Where should I go for laser eye surgery in the UK, and which are the best clinics?

There are a growing number of eye care clinics offering laser surgery in the UK. Almost every major town and city now has at least one laser specialist providing eyesight correction treatment.

It can seem difficult when choosing an eye clinic but take comfort in the fact that standards of care in the UK are exceptionally high. There are a number of first class clinics from Aberdeen in the north of Scotland to Plymouth in the very south of England. We shall now identify a selection of the very best UK clinics.

Optical Express have quickly grown into one of Europe's biggest laser eye treatment providers. This well established business has helped thousands of people in the UK ditch their glasses and contact lenses forever. Optical Express offer some of the lowest prices in the UK, as well as a range of flexible finance options.

Ultralase was the UK's first specialist in laser vision correction, are remains one of the leading providers of eyesight treatment. With clinics throughout England, Scotland, Wales, they have a great reputation for providing quality treatment at affordable prices.

Advance Visioncare is a highly recommended specialist eye clinic in Harley Street, London providing world class treatment. Prices aren't cheap but standards are very high.

Moorfields Private Eye Hospital, also in London, is one of the world’s leading destinations for expert eye care. They offer the very latest in laser correction techniques, boasting start of the art equipment, and highly skilled medical staff.

But regardless of the clinic you finally decide to use, it's important to speak to at least two or three eye surgery providers. Don't plump straight for the cheapest option, and don't assume the most expensive clinic is necessarily the best. Do your own homework, and make your own mind up. This is a decision that could potentially change your life.

Recommended eye clinics in the UK

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