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What are the risks and potential complications of laser eye surgery?

As with most forms of surgery, laser eye correction can occasionally go wrong. Complications and serious side effects are rare but they can, and do, happen.

This can be very worrying as damage or deterioration to our eyesight can have a huge effect on our lives. Our eyes play an integral part in almost everything we do. Most of us would be completely lost without them.

So what are the main risks of laser eye treatment? Well, firstly there is the possibility that the patient is left with poorer eyesight than she began with. There is also the risk that the procedure either under or over corrects the patient's condition. In such cases, further treatment may be required to improve the result.

The eyesight correction procedure also carries the risk of infection either during or after surgery. Although, this can lead to significant delays in the healing process, most cases have no long term side effects or serious health problems.

There is also the possibility of developing of the so called halo effect where a secondary object or halo can be seen in dim lighting. This can cause serious difficulties when driving at night, as well as being a general irritant.

And finally, although many patients report perfect vision after laser eye surgery, the treatment is not an exact science. Most people report a significant improvement. but not all are left with perfect vision. Contact lenses, glasses or even further treatment may still be required in some cases.

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