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Where can I find reviews of laser eye surgery clinics in the UK?

Unbiased reviews can be hard to find. The internet is full of opinions and assessments on everything from electrical products to medical services.

There are a number of websites offering reviews of laser eye surgery but very few can be described as unbiased. Many sites will promote one particular eye clinic over the others, and their reviews will reflect this.

So what are the best laser eye clinics in the UK? Well, the good news is that almost all eye specialists in the UK offer a high standard of treatment. The private medical industry in the UK is tightly regulated so the chances of receiving poor treatment are low.

The largest eye care specialists are Ultralase and Optical Express. Both have a strong reputation for providing first class care at affordable prices. Thousands of people have received successful treatment from these cornerstones of the eye care industry in the UK.

Some of the best smaller eye care specialists include Moorlands Eye Hospital, Advance Visioncare, London Vision Clinic in Harley Street, and the Aston Academy in Birmingham. All of the above can be trusted to provide a very high standard of care on a wide variety of laser procedures.

However, although it's important to read as many reviews as you can, it's vital to speak to the eye specialists yourself in order to form your own opinions. Just because one person likes a particular clinic or surgeon, it doesn't mean that you will.

Recommended eye clinics in the UK

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