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What does Intralase eye surgery involve, and how much does it cost?

The field of laser eye surgery continues to develop and improve, and one of the more recent advancements is Intralase. Also known as bladeless LASIK, IntraLase uses a laser for cutting rather than a bladed instrument. Not only is this more precise, but the risks of complications are lower.

Intralase patients will also benefit from faster healing, and shorter recovery time from the actual surgery. The treatment also boasts a better record of achieving perfect vision, compared with standard laser eye correction surgery.

The procedure
The IntraLase procedure involves a laser being focused on a point within the cornea, where many thousands of microscopic bubbles are formed. In normal eye surgery, a hand-held blade is used to create a flap on the cornea to allow the laser work on the layer below. With the IntraLase procedure, a laser is used for cutting the flap which gives the surgeon far greater control of it's design. It enables him to tailor the treatment to the individual, thereby increasing the likelihood of a positive result.

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