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Near perfect vision is now available to almost everyone, thanks to laser eye surgery. The development of eyesight correction treatment has enabled thousands of people in the UK to ditch their glasses and contact lenses for good.


Laser eye clinics have been popping up all over the country to accommodate the growing demand. Standards of care are very high in the UK but it's still worth trying to find the best surgeon or clinic you can afford. Take a look at the following UK vision specialists below, and make an appointment today:

Clinics in Manchester

1. Manchester Royal Eye Hospital - high quality laser eye surgery carried out in a comfortable environment. A range of other procedures are also available. Telephone 0161 276 5198.

2. Optical Express - first rate nationwide vision specialist who have treated more laser eye patients than anyone else. A popular choice in Manchester. Telephone 08702 20 20 20.

3. Ultralase - the oldest eyesight correction specialist in the UK offering a full range of treatment including Lasik and Lasek. Competitive prices. Telephone 0800 9888 237.

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Clinics in Glasgow

1. Optical Express - this impressive Glasgow clinic can help with all your vision issues. Highly recommended. Telephone 08702 20 20 20 .

2. Optimax - another excellent choice for eyesight correction in Scotland. Low prices and attractive finance plans. Telephone 08705 14 33 14.

3. Ultralase Glasgow - over 100,000 patients successfully treated in the UK. High levels of care and treatment. Telephone 0800 9888 237.

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Clinics in Cardiff

1. MDA Clinic in Cardiff - a leading provider of vision correction in Cardiff and the surrounding area. Good local reputation. Telephone 0292 0353950.

2. Ultralase - a popular choice in Cardiff with treatments such as Lasik and Lasek. Hard to beat. Telephone 0800 9888 237.

3. Optimax - quality laser eye surgery at a price you can afford. One of the best clinics in Wales. Telephone 08705 14 33 14.

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Clinics in Belfast

1. Optimax - one of the best eye clinics in Northern Ireland for laser surgery. First class service. Telephone 08705 14 33 14.

2. Hillsborough Private Clinic - an excellent local clinic providing independent healthcare services in Belfast. Telephone 028 9268 8899.

3. Optical Express - a popular choice for eyesight correction in Belfast. Lasik and Lasek available. Telephone 0800 023 20 20.

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