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What do I need to do in the days and weeks before having laser eye surgery?

The process of having eyesight correction treatment will always begin with an initial consultation. This will help both you and the eye clinic establish not only whether you are a suitable candidate for laser surgery, but what type of treatment best suits your condition.

If you are a contact lens wearer, it's best to stop wearing your lenses in the days before this consultation. Contact lenses can alter your cornea, and increase the likelihood of an inaccurate assessment of your eyes. It's essential to be honest with your eye surgeon in relation to when you last wore lenses.

You must also inform your eye surgeon of any prior or existing medical conditions. Potentially problematic conditions don't just involve the eyes, so don't hesitate to tell him everything.

Similarly, you should declare all medications you are taking currently, or in the recent past. Your eye surgeon must be able to form a clear assessment of your health and well-being in order to give you the best possible advice and treatment.

At least 24 hours before your eye correction surgery, you should stop using face creams, makeup and perfume. Such products can contaminate the eye area and lead to infection both during, and the weeks that follow, surgery,

But perhaps the best advice to prepare for laser eye treatment is to relax. This is an increasingly common procedure and the risks of complications are very low. Provided you have chosen an experienced surgeon at a well regarded optical clinic, there is very little to worry about.

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