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What happens after laser eye surgery in terms of recovery time and things to avoid doing?

If you're one of lucky few, you will open your eyes after laser correction surgery to perfect eyesight with no side effects. You will feel no pain or discomfort, just a sense of disbelief as you look around the room in new found detail.

However, most patients will experience either a few minor side effects of the procedure, or a delay in the arrival of the full results of the treatment. Common problems immediately after surgery include mild burning, itching, and watery eyes.

Most patients' vision will initially appear blurry but, as your surgeon will tell you, do not rub them as this can cause damage. You may also experience sensitivity to light, which will gradually decrease in the days after treatment.

You will usually be required to visit your eye doctor within 48 hrs after the procedure, and then at regular intervals over the next few months. This is to ensure the surgery has had the desired effect, and to check for any potential problems.

Facial creams, make up and perfume should be avoided for two weeks after laser eye treatment to help prevent infection. Similarly, contact sports such as football or rugby should not be played for at least four weeks following an eyesight correction procedure.

They key point to remember after laser eye surgery, is to contact your eye clinic immediately if you develop any worrying symptoms or side effects. Most issues can be addressed provided they are treated promptly. It is foolish to bury your head in the sand when it comes to something as important as your eyesight.

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