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Is it wise to have laser eye surgery abroad, and just how much lower are the prices?

Private medical treatment in the UK isn't cheap. In fact, prices are amongst the highest in Europe, and indeed the world.

This is the main reason why so many Brits are now heading aboard for health treatment, whether it be for rhinoplasty, a gastric band or laser eye surgery. Laser correction treatment can now be found in almost every developed country in the world from Brazil to Malaysia and Hungary to India.

The cost of treatment varies dramatically from country to country but also from clinic to clinic within each country. However, on average you can expect to pay the following for laser eye correction:

UK: £1000
France: £1000
Belgium: £900
Hungary: £500
Tunisia: £700
India: £600
Brazil: £700

These figures reflect the prices offered by reputable, well established eye clinics. You may be able to find eye treatment for less but such clinics will invariably carry a greater risk of complications arising.

Medical standards in countries such as Brazil and India have increased significantly over the last few years. Many eye clinics in these territories are every bit as experienced and technologically advanced as those you will find in the UK. If you are going to have laser eye surgery abroad, the key is to choose one of these leading clinics. You want cheaper treatment but not if that means inferior treatment.

Recommended eye clinics in the UK

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